All our mirrors are now LED lit as of 2017
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Wiring Guidelines and Good Practice

Satana mirrors are IPx4 CE marked and safe for use in bathroom Zones 2 and 3.

(However: If fitting inside zone 1 a 30ma residual current device must also be used to protect the circuit in this zone).

Satana mirrors without integral lights may be wired into the lighting circuit to come on/off with the bathroom lights.

Satana mirrors with integral lights and or enhanced switches and shaver sockets need there own supply usually in the form of a switched fused spur from the ring main.

The switched fused spur is situated outside of the bathroom and is switched not to turn the mirrors on/off but to isolate the mirror for servicing i.e. Changing light tubes etc.

Your power supply should terminate behind the mirror (approximately the centre of where the mirror is to be situated). Termination should be made inside a flush flex outlet.

We supply a flying lead for your electrician to wire into this outlet with the other end simply plugging into the back of the mirror.

Fixing Instructions

Complete fixing instructions come with the fixing kit on the back of each mirror.

Precise hole drilling co-ordinates are worked out for each individual mirror, saving you time and possible error.

Technical Support

As part of our commitment to our customers satisfaction, technical support is always on hand. All our mirrors come with a 2 year warranty.